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About Mona Lissa

Mona Lissa Chanda is an accomplished vocalist whose spellbinding performances seamlessly blend the sophistication of jazz with the allure of catchy pop hooks. 

Mona Lissa's lilting voice, reminiscent of the great Blossom Dearie, Patsy Cline, and Sarah Vaughan, carries a remarkable range that resonates with the timeless charm of Berlin Cabaret. She has graced the stage at renowned festivals such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and POP Montreal, showcasing her ability to connect with diverse audiences through her versatile and engaging performances. Beyond her interpretations of standards, Mona Lissa shines as a composer in her own right, crafting modern-day torch songs and lounge-pop music inspired by timeless classics. 

As a multifaceted artist, Mona Lissa’s life journey is filled with delicious paradoxes that fuel her creativity. Born in Northern Quebec to a German mother and East Indian father, she embodies a unique melange of cultural influences. Outside of her work as a professional singer-songwriter, Mona Lissa merges her dual passion for art and sciences. Notably, she has pursued research into and published papers on the neurochemistry of music and the effects of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll on the brain.

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Photography by Steve Gerrard.